Terms and Conditions

Welcome to website of “CTW Logistics Corporation” (hereinafter called the “Website”) co-maintained by CTW Logistics and its affiliates. For you to use the services and information on this Website without worries, here is our Privacy Protection Policy (hereinafter called the “PPP”) for protecting your rights and interests. Please read the following contents for details.

I、Scope and Applicability of the PPP

The contents of the PPP include how the Website processes your personal identifiable information (PII) collected from your use of the Website Services (hereinafter called the “Services”). The PPP does not apply to the websites redirected to from the related links on the Website, nor does it apply to any administration personnel who are not from or commissioned by the Website.

II、Collection, processing, and use of personal data

  • When vising the Website or using the Services, you will be asked to provide necessary personal data depending on the nature of service used. Your personal data will be processed and used for a specific purpose within a specific scope. Unless your written request otherwise requires, in no circumstances will the Website use your personal data outside of the said specific purpose.
  • When using interactive services, such as email, polls, or e-newsletter subscription, on the Website, the Website will retain information regarding your name, email, contact information, and session of your visit.
  • When you browse the Website, the web server of the Website will automatically record some specific technical data, such as the IP from which you connect to the Website, the session of your visit, the browser(s) you use, and the data you browse and select, for the reference of improvement of Services. Such data will only be used internally.
  • To provide you with precise services, we will produce statistics on and analyze your poll data. The analysis results will be expressed in either statistics or text. Besides internal use, we may disclose the related statistics or text as necessary without involving specific personal data.

III、Data Protection

  • We equip all web servers of the Website with related information security equipment and necessary security protection measures, such as firewalls and antivirus systems, to protect the Website and your personal data, and only authorized personnel can access your personal data. Those who violate the related non-disclosure agreements will be punished by law.
  • When it is necessary to outsource some services to other service providers due to business needs, the Website will strictly request these service providers to perform their non-disclosure obligations and ensure their compliance with the non-disclosure agreement through necessary inspection procedures.

IV、External Links from the Website

The Website provides links to other websites. You may directly visit those websites via the links on the Website. However, the PPP does not apply to the website(s) you visit via the links on the Website. It is your responsibility to read the privacy protection policy provided by such websites.

V、Policy for Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

Except as otherwise requested by law or due to contractual obligations, in no circumstance will the Website provide, exchange, lease, or sell any of your personal data to any other individual, group, private enterprise, or government entity.
Exceptions to the above include, without limitation, the following:

  • Disclosure at your written request.
  • Disclosure upon the express request by law.
  • Disclosure for prevention of harm on your life, body, freedom, or property.
  • Disclosure for statistics gathering or academic research by a government entity or an academic institution for public interests, with data being processed or disclosed by the data provider to ensure no leads of your PII.
  • Disclosure of your PII after analysis and research by the Website administration required for identifying or contacting you or taking necessary legal actions when your Website behavior has violated the Terms of Use or may have prejudiced or abused the rights and interests of the Website or other users or may cause damage to others.
  • Disclosure in favor or your rights and interests.
  • When collecting, processing, or using your personal data through the assistance of a third party, the Website will exercise due care and responsibility for the supervision and management of such third parties, including entities or individuals.

VI、Use of Cookies and Third-Party Service Notification

To provide you with the best Services, the Website will put cookies in your browsers and check the type/version of your browser(s), connection IP, number of visits, and stay time to facilitate Website management and Services usage rate analysis.

If you disagree with our Cookies, you can block cookies from your browsers. By doing so, some of the Website functions may not work properly.

The Website collects data with the Google Analytics (hereinafter called “Google Service”) for improving the Services. Please visit the Google Analytics for the third-party privacy policy at: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=zh-Hant

VII、Amendment to the PPP

The Website amends the PPP in pace with legal amendments, service changes, or internal administration system changes. The amended PPP will be updated on the Website for your reference.