Information Integration

With In-house IT, we provide information integration services, connect information systems of clients, upstream and its downstream service providers, and automatically transfer operational milestones, and report for improvement on the efficiency of information transmission. We also provide integrated information platform to achieve visualized management.

  1. EDI Service:Accept multiple modes including FTP, FTPS, SFTP, API, HULTF, etc., and correspond to various data formats.
  2. OMS E-commerce order fulfillment integration management platform
Manage and monitor the status of inbound, outbound, inventory, VAS processing, and returns, as well as overseas delivery status and exception management.
End-consumer order status inquiry, and payment on delivery collection service.
  1. Supply Chain management platform:Logi-Intelligence platform
All activities related to sea and air freight, such as pre-booking, tracking, progress inquiry, exception alerts, document management, tax and expense records tec., can be resolved on this platform.
Import and export of sea and air freight milestone tracking, including customs declaration, in-land transportation, ATD, ATA, etc.