Chemical & Dangerous Goods
Chemicals & dangerous goods transportation
  • Dangerous goods transportation and distribution
  • ISO TANK, room temperature, temperature-controlled container transportation
  • Freezing and refrigerating transmission and distribution, special gas transmission and distribution services
Chemicals & dangerous goods warehousing service
  • Room Temperature & temperature-controlled storage for chemicals, dangerous goods and regulated toxic chemical substances
  • Freezing and refrigerated storage for chemicals, dangerous goods, and regulated toxic chemical substances
  • Dedicated gas storage with detection and detoxification equipment
E-TOOL and IT integration service
  • Dangerous Goods Risk Control System
  • CTW toxic substance inbound and outbound flow recording and declaration management system
  • Product container tracking and recording management system
VAS service
  • labeling, product sampling, sub-assembly operations, etc.
  • Product container return and life cycle management
Other related services
  • Return product inspection and repacking service
  • Chemical heating management service
  • Dangerous goods logistics operation consulting and agency services
  • Regulated toxic chemical substance and dangerous goods transportation permit application
  • Application and registration of regulated toxic substance storage permit
  • Dangerous goods compliance consulting service
  • “Chemical Substance Joint Prevention and Emergency Response Team ” collaborative service set-up
  • Filling and application services on behalf of cargo owners
Sea and air freight arrangements
  • Chemicals, dangerous goods FCL, LCL and bulk cargo shipment booking arrangement
  • Dangerous goods export declaration operation