Declaration of Sustainability
Founder, CTW Logistics Corporation John J. Huang

Founded in 1974, CTW is a Taiwan local firm in whole. The company was engaged in container transport and trucking service at the early stage of its operation, and has transformed into a third-party logistics service provider in line with the change in economic environment and industrial structure. In 2012, CTW transformed into a holding company and has established CTW Logistics Corporation and Ho Tung Transportation co. Ltd. for furthering logistics services, container transport and trucking services with locations in north, central and south Taiwan. The company has customers from different industries and product lines. As a small and medium enterprise, CTW Logistics never ceases to chase innovation and spares no effort in upgrading the professional standing of its core business and quest for customer satisfaction. Business integrity was the highest principle of CTW Logistics, well before the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) had been unveiled. The company duly observes applicable laws and values business ethics, and upholds the philosophy of “be a person of integrity in society” and “be an accountable enterprise in business operation” in running its operation. Indeed, the company has already been advancing towards the 4 vital aspects of CSR in practice inadvertently – “stability in business operation,” “concern for stakeholders,” “environmental protection,” and “feedback to society.” Accordingly, CTW Logistics has yielded results at the preliminary stage in this regard.


【Establishment of the CTW Culture and Education Foundation for the advocacy of social charity】

The CTW Culture and Foundation was established in 1998. The foundation has expressed deep concern for local education, arts and culture, folk history, charity and aid, justice and human rights, and environmental protection ever since its establishment and has sponsored and donated these kinds of activities. Indeed, the foundation could be seen as a charity platform linking CTW employees and social charity. The CTW Culture and Foundation was funded by a portion of the stock dividend of CTW Logistics. In other words, every dollar earned by the employees has been allocated in part for the cause of social charity. Donation of this kind not only makes the employees feel a close association between their work and social charity in concrete terms, but that the foundation is also sufficiently funded to respond to social change and can indulge in the social function of culture and education in diversity.


【Treasure the “one and only life” of every employee and provide the stage for the demonstration of their strength】

CTW Logistics has its origin as a local firm and is strongly inclined towards the integration with and feedback to the local community. Indeed, most of the employees are people of the local community. CTW Logistics highly treasures its employees and holds that everyone has “one and only life.” Since they have devoted their career lives to the company, it is the onus of CTW Logistics to thank all employees for their recognition and devotion. As such, CTW Logistics hopes all employees can take proper care of their families at the same time through remunerations, education and training, career development and other benefits. This is the way that all employees can show their strength and talent in its entirety and move forward in line with the company.


【World-Class Benchmark Enterprise Supply Chain Partnership and Simultaneous Upgrade and Optimization of Service and Management Capacity】

CSR has emerged as one of the essential indicators for corporate management for the time being, and it has been explicitly stated in applicable legal rules. It will be difficult to realize all aspects of the professed nature of CSR in third-party logistics services. Seeing that the majority of the customers of CTW Logistics Corporation, for example, which constitutes about 70% of its clientele base, are foreign companies of which many are world-class transnational enterprises and strong advocate benchmark firms of CSR worldwide, we have to provide good quality services for the customers through professional third-party logistics services in the areas of energy saving, carbon reduction, sustainable development and public safety in alignment with the standards of these customers for improvement under their strict requirements and supervision. It will also help to broaden our horizon and capacity in business.


【Internalization of corporate philosophy as the DNA of corporate culture in sustainability】

CTW Logistics has passed through several global energy crises and international financial turbulence in the past, but has successfully transformed and sustained operation. This experience made CTW Logistics realize the difficulty of sustainable development and the true meaning of sustainability. For a long time, CTW Logistics has never cut corners in operation and never been flamboyant in business, instead seriously adhering to business integrity, caring for the employees, and benefiting the shareholders through benign competition with industry peers. In addition, the company also spares no effort in launching industrial upgrading and innovation while showing its concern for environmental protection so as to achieve the goal of sustainable corporate development. CTW Logistics unveils its effort and footprints in its corporate philosophy:

  • Thank you customers, Thank you fellow employees
  • Continued learning, Sustainable development
  • Improve without stop, Innovate without stop
  • Challenge professional standing, Challenge efficiency
  • Respond in advance, Deploy in advance
  • Feedback to society, Feedback to the earth
  • Concern for humanity, Concern for peace

These ideals would be deeply imprinted into the heart of every CTW person as the DNA of foremost strength, which in turn carves out the superior nature of CTW corporate culture for sustainability. In the future, CTW Logistics will go for sustainable corporate development and environment under its underlying corporate philosophy.